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A Tombstone Mystery

A Danish tourist happened upon this Hans Christiansen Grave Marker in the famous Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. It piqued his interest, so he snapped a picture, and upon his return to Denmark contacted the Family History & Genealogy Center to see if there was any information about this early resident of the Arizona Territory.

A search revealed a few facts about Hans Christiansen. In the 1880 territorial census 29-year-old farmer H. M. Christiansen was enumerated in Tombstone as one of a large number of single males in the town. In January 1882 he applied to become an American citizen.

In June of 1884 Hans married Christina Beck, also of Tombstone, who may have previously been married to a local carpenter, Paul Beck. In September of 1890, now a citizen, Hans was listed as a voter in the town of Fairbank, about 10 miles outside Tombstone. His cause of death the following year is unknown.

“Christina B. Christiansen” is also buried in Boothill Graveyard. She died in May of 1893 from “the administering of arsenical poison,” in the opinion of a coroner’s jury convened in the matter. Whether there were any children is unknown.

Hans M. Christiansen was born around 1851 and may be the 22-year-old Hans Morten Christiansen who left Lindknud parish in Ribe County, Denmark in 1873, arriving in New York City on the S/S Nestorian out of Liverpool.

Information from: www.danishmuseum.org