Bisbee Massacre Hanging

Bisbee Massacre

March 8, 1884 - Tombstone, Arizona Territory- four men, members of the Heath gang, were lynched for their part in the infamous Bisbee massacre on Dec 8, 1883. One of those hung was Dan Kelly, AKA Yorky, had left his home in Cork County, Ireland in 1881 for a chance at a new life in the U.S. Kelly was living near Clifton, Arizona Territory, in December 1883 when a gang of outlaws raided the town of Bisbee and killed several people.

Dan Kelly was one of the men suspected of holding up a store with two other hard cases, Red Sample and Tex Howard. He left town and headed north, where his movements were almost impossible to trace due to a blinding snowstorm that had hit the area.

Kelly boarded a train at Bowie Station on Dec. 11, but was put off near Deming after claiming that he was an itinerant hobo. Kelly was eventually arrested and taken back to Tombstone, Arizona Territory, to stand trial for the Bisbee robbery. Kelly claimed he was innocent but was sentenced to hang on the gallows. He was not fearful of that moment and remained talkative and full of good spirit.

Kelly signaled the executioner to proceed and shouted, "Let her loose." In an instant he was dead. Kelly's remains were transported to Boot hill cemetery.

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